Kompas Travel Fair 2018 For Your Tourist Destination is Come Back!

Jalanpedia.com- Long vacation? But still have a pile of work? Tired of working and needing a vacation, confused about expensive ticket prices, don't worry because Kompas Travel Fair (KTF) 2018 is again held by Harian Kompas
Kompas Travel Fair 2018 For Your Tourist Destination is Come Back! September 2018
Kompas Travel Fair

kompas travel fair 2018

Seeing that developments in the tourism world continue to grow every year, not only through the tourist section, Kompas also organizes tourist exhibitions for you travel lovers. Located in Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan and Makassar, the KTF tourism exhibition this time provides a variety of attractive offers for vacation packages, airplane tickets, tourist arenas, hotels to travel supplies that you need.

For Jakarta, KTF cooperates with CIMB Niaga Bank. While in Surabaya, Medan and Makassar, KTF collaborates with Bank Danamon. Kompas Travel Fair 2016 (KOMPAS TRAVEL FAIR) The exhibition which is entering its seventh year will be held on 7-9 September 2018 in these cities. For those of you in Jakarta, you can visit the Jakarta Convention Center to get an attractive KTF offer. No need to go far to Jakarta, those of you who live in Makassar can get attractive promos by visiting the KTF booth located in Phinisi Point Makassar. For arek-arek Suroboyo, you can visit KTF at Pakuwon Mall Surabaya. And for you Medan residents you can also get attractive prices for vacation packages at Center Point Mall Medan. 

Hurry up and come! Who knows, you will get lots of pieces and surprises from the organizers and sponsors who knows if you are lucky you can get a ticket price for your vacation trip at KTF 2018 from the following airlines; Garuda Indonesia, Citilink, ANA, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, EVA Air, Ethiopian Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Oman Air, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways.

How to Rent a Hotel in Bali Indonesia to Spend Your Time in Holiday

Jalanpedia.com- Many people around the world more known Bali depends on the name of the Nation, Indonesia. Because Bali is like the heaven in the world. Actually it has pristine white sand in the beaches and the coral reefs set around with the volcanic mountains like Mount Agung
How to Rent a Hotel in Bali Indonesia to Spend Your Time in Holiday - How to Rent a Hotels
Bali views (pict : google)
The Water of Pacific ocean's and big waves also mean that Bali is one of the best places for water activities like diving, surfing adn snorkling. So that's all make Bali perfect for destination for spend time in holiday. 7 Facts about Bali The Second Heaven in The World.

bali indonesia resorts

Well Jalpeders... If you ask me, where we can go there folk? Oke, I will answer that, Actually between of the month April and October is the peak of summer seasons right? it will be drier season in Indonesia and many breeze wind from sea that's will make the atmosphere so nice.  On May, June and September – just before and after the high season – are often a bit quieter than July and August and you can often find cheaper rates on rooms.

bali indonesia hotels

How to Rent a Hotel in Bali Indonesia to Spend Your Time in Holiday - Nusa Dua Hotels
Nusa Dua Hotel ( pict : google )
Then Jalpeders...You will need a hotel or resort right? In here Most of the hotel in Bali are in stunning beachside locations. Kuta is a good choice if you’re interested in having surf lessons and a vibrant nightlife, and Sunar is a bit quieter and ideal for families. Nusa Dua is perfect hotel for really getting away from it all and soaking up the sun by the beach in peace. Or you still not satisfied with our recomendation? You can check many option of hotel in Bali Indonesia here

So Enjoy your Holiday and we hope this information is useful for you all. Choose your favorite Hotel in Bali and see you later.. Bye bye 
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How to Booking Ocean Resort Atlantic City with Booking Buddy

Jalanpedia.com- If you going to travel in USA exactly in the New Jersey, don't forget to visit and booking The Ocean Resort Atlantic City. In this resort are availabe many facilities like a casino, hotel, restaurant, pool and still many more.
How to Booking Ocean Resort Atlantic City with Booking Buddy bookingbuddy.com
View of front building (pict : google)

Well Jalpeders... In this time we will going to review any facilities in Ocean Resort in Atlantic City and how to booking them. 

1. Ocean Resort Atlantic City Casino

Casino, if you hear this thing is like a gambling, card play and many more. This is huge Building for this place.

2.Ocean Resort Atlantic City Restaurants

ocean resort atlantic city restaurants
Restaurant view (pict : google)
It's so match for our hungry belly if we after do all activity, with the declicous menu of here we can eat very much.

3. Ocean Resort Atlantic City Pool

How to Booking Ocean Resort Atlantic City with Booking Buddy Pool
Indoor Pool of Atlantic City (pict : google)
In this place there is 2 option for you to choose of pool, you can choose indoor pool or outdoor pool.

How to booking?

How to Booking Ocean Resort Atlantic City with Booking Buddy
bookingbuddy.com (pict : google)

Well Jalpeders.. And the end of this is how we can go there? or how we can booking the facilities of the Ocean Resort? Now don't panic, I have the answer of this so you can booking that by visit site bookingbuddy.com you can click in the link below. It can be use for other booking, for more information just visit that.

Oke Jalpeders in this time we just can review any part of  Ocean Resort Atlantic City and how to booking that with Bookingbuddy.

Travel Insurance - The importance of insurance for your comfort and safety

Jalanpedia.com - Oftenly if we want to go every attractions place, or just to journey and trip usualy we forgot this thing, but this thing is not must you have but it's very helpful. What is that? it is a Insurance. 
Travel Insurance - The importance of insurance for your comfort and safety
Insurance make your travel easy and safety (pict : google)

Everyone is still look just a half side about the important of this thing. However it is possible to protect our self from many cost with a protective travel insurance policy. This Travel Insurance covers the cost of hospitalizations, trip cancellations and other unexpected events. You can choose the option of any cost that associated with travel, and when you going every where you will feel to have peace of mind that comes with a well-constructed.

In this time the TravelInsurance.com helps you find an appropriate travel insurance policy that meets your needs without exceeding your budget. Our easy-to-use online travel insurance comparison tool allows you to check the costs and coverage levels of several policies from major insurance companies in only a few minutes to find out which insurance company offers reasonable prices with the best possible protection. Best of all, you can buy directly through our website and receive your policy via email within minutes.

Our simple online form gathers basic information, including age and other factors that could influence the costs of travel insurance. This information is submitted to several insurance companies who return quotes for various types of coverage. The quotes are then displayed in a simple, easy-to-browse format that our users can organize in a variety of ways to find an appropriate policy. In only a few minutes, you’ll be able to view and compare a variety of plans without filling out extensive paperwork.

Comparing rates is a great way to stay informed while you’re buying an insurance policy. You’ll see all of the options available from major providers, including add-on coverage, various coverage limits, deductibles and much more. You’ll quickly find the optimal option for your trip. Our comparison tool is by far the fastest way to find a reputable travel insurance policy at the right price.

We also offer other resources to help you understand travel insurance before you decide which policy to buy. Our article base can be extremely helpful if you don’t understand certain contract terms or if you have questions about specific types of travel insurance coverage. By understanding how travel insurance works, you’ll be able to tailor your coverage to suit your needs.

Whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure, the last thing you’ll need during your trip is the stress of unexpected hotel expenses, lost baggage or heavy medical bills. Our goal is to give you the resources that you need to avoid these costs by finding a protective travel insurance policy that is tailored to your needs. Compare rates and coverage online today to find the travel insurance policy that’s right for you.

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The Price of Ancol Entrance Ticket 2018

The Price of Ancol Entrance Ticket 2018, Jalanpedia.com- Ancol Fantasy World or aka Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. Is still the best destination in near Jakarta for local tourist or international tourist. It can be reach by private car or motor cycle, it has enough parking place for buses too.
The Price of Ancol Entrance Ticket 2018
Ancol Fantasy World Jakarta ( pict : google )

It has bus way of Transjakrta for general trasnportation line, it's good for public facility in the modern era and it located in strategic place near the park's west gate from the buses coming from the line of eastern Jakarta like Kampung Melayu, Kampung Rambutan and Pusat Grosir Cililitan.

harga tiket masuk ancol dufan

Read This:

Ancol was build in 1966, it was located in Kota Tua, Jalan Lodan Timur No.7, RW.10, Kota Tua, Ancol, Pademangan, City of North Jakarta, Jakarta Special Capital Region 14430.  Ancol has many entrace place, in west entrace is open for private car and motorcycles and it directly take you to the front of Dufan (Dunia Fantasy/Fantasy world). The Entrace admission price is Rp 25,000 (US$1.75) per car and Rp 25,000 per adult

Dufan is the most popular amusement park in Jakarta. Many of its attractions have become legendary, such as Istana Boneka (Doll Kingdom), the thrilling Halilintar (Thunder), Kora-Kora and the challenging Hysteria. It also has water attractions, such as Niagara-Gara and Arung Jeram. But before enjoying the attraction, it is advised to ask the staff whether it is suitable for kids or not. Open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., the park’s admission price is Rp 325,000 until Jan. 7. Annual passes are available but have to be redeemed on the same day, for detail information you can check this and this.

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Review On Chesil Beach The Beautiful Scene of The Sea Shore in Abbotsbury United Kingdom

Review On Chesil Beach The Beautiful Scene of The Sea Shore in Abbotsbury United Kingdom
Chesil Beach view (pict : google)
Review On Chesil Beach The Beautiful Scene of The Sea Shore in Abbotsbury United Kingdom, jalanpedia.com- Do you ever go to UK? I think you wanna go there, right Jalpeders? If you know about UK in actually in England. I think you about the football club only like Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea. But you must know this place called Abbotsbury. This region is located in south part of England. And this city has a beach, a beautiful beach called Chesil Beach. 

Chesil Beach is located in Abbotsbury, is about 28 kilometres long and the wide is about in 160 metres averge and the height is about 12 metres. This Beach has a Pebble and shingle tombolo connecting Abbotsbury to Portland and then continue untul West Bay close to Bridport.

Chesil Beach is 18 miles (28 kilometres) long and on average is 160 metres wide and rises to 12 metres in height. It is a pebble and shingle tombolo connecting Portland to Abbotsbury and then continuing north-westwards to West Bay near Bridport. This Tombolo was largest in United Kingdom. The size of pebbles are graded from first-sized near Portland to pea-sized at Bridport. This Pebbles is combined of flint and chert material. The beach is proposing actualy two beaches. The stretch from West Bay to Abbotsbury appears to have different characteristics to the stretch from Abbotsbury to Portland.
Chesil Beach shelters Weymouth from the prevailing wind and waves and prevents the area being eroded by wave action. Evidence suggests that Chesil Beach is no longer being replenished by natural means.The beach forms part of the Dorset and East Devon World Heritage Site. This beach is open all days.
Review On Chesil Beach The Beautiful Scene of The Sea Shore in Abbotsbury United Kingdom Chesil Beach Movie
One of the scene in"On Chesil Beach" Movie ( pict : google)

Chesil beach also named for the title of movie "On Chesil Beach" stared by Billy Howle and Saiorse Ronan you can check the sinopsis and riview in here.
Review On Chesil Beach The Beautiful Scene of The Sea Shore in Abbotsbury United Kingdom Chesil Beach Lodge
Chesil Beach Lodge (pict : google)
If you trying to find some place to stay in near beach you can order that in Chesil Beach Lodge. You must check and order if this is still availabe.

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Best Things to Do in Volente Beach Austin Texas

Best Things to Do in Volente Beach Austin Texas  Volente
Volente Beach view ( pict : google)
Best Things to Do in Volente Beach Austin Texas , Jalanpedia.com- Texas is still become our focus in our article now, many kinds of nature diversity, crowded places, and the beach of course make this state is never quite of tourist. It becomes the tourist attractions for holiday destination, especially in the capital city, Austin. There is some beach which have many vacation for children, family and others. The name was Volente Beach.

Yoo Jalpeders In this time We will show you what can you do in Volente? Any Thing to do with your family? So please read our report right now with nice face and nice figure hehe.

Things to do in Volente

1. Playing Water in Volente Beach Waterpark
Best Things to Do in Volente Beach Austin Texas Volente Waterpark
Volente Beach Waterpark ( pict : google)

 Just like in the same waterpark in general, this is never ending activities of thing to do. This waterpark is dominated by Youngers, Children and Teenager. This Waterpark was located on the shores of beatiful Lake Travis in the Texas Hill Country. 

The park features with three volleyball courts, an nice upscale restaurant, a beach bar and grill for those who want a more casual dining experience, and a wide-range of exciting rides the whole family will enjoy.

A Pirate Ship themed area where children can roam and explore, Gator’s Crossing challenges kids to jump from float to float using ropes, the Lazy Lagoon features a waterfall in the middle where guest can cool off, and the Sidewinder is a fast-paced water ride that is sure to thrill kids of all ages.

2. Rent a Space for gathering in  Volente Beach Bungalows
Best Things to Do in Volente Beach Austin Texas  Volente beach Bungalows
Volente Beach Bungalows
Volente beach is huge wide place, but for good space to you for doing any gathering, reunion, and just for home stay you can rent any Bungalows for it.

3. Get Lucky with Volente Beach Coupons

If your fortune is high, I think you will earn this coupon by some way to get that, some tourist often get this from buy much goods in the store of Volente. 
Best Things to Do in Volente Beach Austin Texas  Coupon of Volente
If you lucky you can get coupon from rare place in here ( pict : google)

And for more information you can search information to the office centre of Volente, because this is a rare item to all.

Read This :

4. Go around the Lake Travis by Volente Beach Boat Rentals

This so nice activities of things to do in volente beach is seiing Lake Travis, don't just see it, This lake have large field of water. So it's like the Lake calling you to across it. 
Best Things to Do in Volente Beach Austin Texas  Volente Beach Boat Rent
Volente Beach Boat Rents ( pict : google)

Don't worry if you want to across it you can rent or hiring a boat. You can call or just to review the rent of the boat by watch this sites.

5. Take a rest in Volente Beach Resort

After take  a day with walking around, of course you have a get tired. In this place you can order a resort for our family and enjoy many feature in the resort. Of course the service is depend on the prices.
Best Things to Do in Volente Beach Austin Texas  Resort
Resort of Volente Beach ( pict : google)
So nice right? many things we can to do in Volente. Oh of course if you don't know the are you can search look in this maps.

Oke That's for today Jalpeders. see you soon.

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