Monday, September 24, 2018

If the childhood of Jalpeders had imagined or dreamed about a fantasy village that was colorful, full of painting and full of uniqueness? Maybe it used to be just a dream. However, in Malang, East Java, there are named Kampung Warna Jodipan and Kampung Biru Arema. What do you want in it? and how to find it? Let's look at the author's explanation in this article.

1. Place Address
The address for the place of Jodipan Color Village is in Jodipan village, in Blimbing sub-district, while Kampung Biru Arema is only one village in Kiduldalem village. Jodipan Color Village is opposite to Tridi Village (3D) where there are many instagramable images to be used as photo spots.

2. Entrance Ticket Prices
Admission tickets in Jodipan and Tridi villages are IDR 5,000 while in Kampung Biru Arema IDR 25,000, the tour manager charges for spot maintenance and paint renewal.

3. Ngalam Glass Bridge
The new thing in Tridi Village and Jodipan Color Village is Ngalam Glass Bridge. The bridge, which was inaugurated in 2017, is the hub of two villages. But if you want to pass Jalpeders, you have to pay IDR 2,000 and have to queue because only 50 people can pass the bridge.
Here are the photos in 2 unique villages.

Blue Village Arema view (pict : google)

Scene of the village of Jodipan (pict : google)
Bridge of rainbow block in Jodipan ( pivt : google)
in the spot of colorfull stair ( pict : google)
spot of tridi village ( pict : google)
Ngalam Glass Bridge at Jodipan and Tridi Village (pict : google) 

Murals of Champion team in 2010 of Arema Indonesia FC ( pict : google)
So the end of this article Jalpeders we really need criticism and suggestions for the progress of our blog, thank you.

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