Saturday, September 22, 2018

Hai Jalpeders !!!
How are you? Is it healthy? certainly not patient enough to get new info about the world of tourism in Indonesia right? Okay Jalpeders, still peeling the world in Malang, surely there is one thing that you will not forget when hungry, Yaps right !, Food, if you go to the city of Bunga, you must definitely try or buy this Malang food to be made by by for those you love Jalpeders ...
What do we recommend for Jalpeders? Let's look together.

1. Bakso (MeatBalls)
Who doesn't know meatballs? This food has become a special icon for the city of Malang Raya, this round beef is very delicious to eat with additional soup, noodles, tofu, and bakwan. Have you imagined it yet? Hehehe
Bakso ( pict : google)

2. Bakwan
If you drink coffee without cigarettes it's empty, just like eating meatballs without bakwan. Bakwan in Malang there are 2 types of dry and wet, just as delicious if eaten with meatballs and eaten by garingan to relax with family.
Bakwan ( pict : google )

3. Kripik Tempe
If you ask where is Sanan Malang? Surely you will be answered by the Tempe production center, yaps here many people produce Tempe Crackers. The production centers here are very famous. Don't Forget Visiting ...
Tempe Crackers ( pict : google)

4. Kripik Buah
Not only Tempe chips in Sanan Malang, but various kinds of Fruit Chips also vary here, ranging from Apples, Bananas, Grapes, Dragon Fruits, and many more.
Fruit Crackers ( pict : google )

5. Strudel
Most Malang people themselves do not know much about this, Strudel was booming in early 2015 by one of the Indonesian artists named Teuku Wisnu who started selling this food as Malang Strudel.
Malang Strudels ( pict : google )

How are Jalpeders friends? Do you want to buy your family souvenirs? Let's stop by here to Malang huh ... We really hope that criticism and suggestions, thank you.

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