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Most people are more aware of the island of Bali than the State of Indonesia itself, because Bali is one of the tourist objects frequented by tourists both locally and internationally, no doubt if the name Bali is better known than Indonesia.

Well Jalpaders, with its diversity and beauty there are 7 things you need to know about Bali that you should not miss !!!
Bali Island Maps a Second Heaven in the World ( pict : google)

1. Tourist Destinations
Bali does have a lot of tourist destinations from the beauty of the beach to the bottom of the sea, from the beauty of nature and the mountains. Tourist attractions in Bali are not limited to nature tourism. However, we can also enjoy various kinds of cultural attractions in Bali. Take for example the performance of the Kecak Dance, or the Balinese community worship activities found in the Temples in the area of ​​Bali. We can just visit Besakih Temple which is not far from Lake Bedugul, or we could visit Tanah Lot Temple while enjoying the waves there.
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2. Cultural Diversity and Tradition
Although it has become a tourist destination that is not only visited by local and foreign tourists, Bali still maintains the authenticity of traditions and cultures that have been handed down from generation to generation from their ancestors. We can see this in other cultural cities like Jogjakarta.
A One of Cultures in Bali ( pict : google)

3. Friendly Residents
The Balinese population is also known as a friendly population, can be proven by the increasing number of visits and the level of visitor satisfaction with the hospitality of the population. They will help us as well as possible and certainly remain with a pleasant smile. In fact, the friendliness of the Balinese people is referred to as one of the most friendly residents in Indonesia. The friendliness of the Balinese community itself is very closely related to beliefs and traditions. Balinese society is one of the people who have a high level of spirituality in Indonesia. In addition, this matter is also very closely related to preserving traditions that are still very thick on the island of Bali. Tradition to help one another and respect each other.
People in Bali with Traditional Clothes ( pict : google )

4. Nature Beauty in Bali
Bali is indeed an island that is widely blessed with natural beauty. We can find heterogeneous and very amazing natural scenery on this island. We can explore a variety of beaches in Bali, such as Kute Beach, Batu Belig Beach, Lake Batur Kintamani which certainly will be very interesting to stop by.
In addition we can also enjoy the beauty and majesty of Mount Agung in Bali. Although, a moment ago it erupted. But the beauty and majesty of Mount Agung itself is still very much to be taken into account as one of the tourist sites in Bali.
Scene in Ubud-Bali ( pict : google)

5. The largest Hindu population in Indonesia

Based on the results of the latest government census Hindus in Bali still rank the most among other religions. The Hindu population reaches 3,247,283 people followed by the Muslim population reaching 520,244. So it can be concluded that Bali is the largest Hindu center in Indonesia.
Worship scene in Bali ( pict : google)

6. Has a Top-Soccer Football Club in League 1 Indonesia
Bali also does not want to be left behind in football affairs in Indonesia, it is proven that Bali has a well-established club in the Indonesian League 1 stage. based on wikipedia Bali United FC is an Indonesian football club, headquartered at Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Gianyar Regency, Bali Province. This club was formerly called the Samarinda Indonesian Football Association (Persisam) which is a former team of Perserikatan and Putra Samarinda from Galatama. On February 15, 2015, Putra Samarinda was taken over by an Indonesian businessman, Pieter Tanuri, after previously experiencing financial difficulties until he finally moved to Bali and changed his name to Bali United F.C. 
Bali United FC Squad in Gojek - Traveloka Liga 1 bersama Bukalapak ( pict : google)

7. Buildings in Bali cannot be higher than the Coconut Tree
One of the things that people wonder is why the building in Bali should not exceed the height of a coconut tree is the impact of the Local Government Regulation (Perda) of 1971 on building construction. But there is one hotel that exceeds 15 meters and that was built in 1966 AD.
Unique fact about Bali's Building ( pict : google)

How is Jalpeders? do you know enough about the facts of the island of Bali that can make additional knowledge and references to your tourism. Still want to get an article about Bali Island again? stay turn on and don't forget to keep a close watch, comments from you we really hope to progress our website. Thanks.

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