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Things to Do in The Beach Part 1 - Every people want going to the beach usualy do like sunbathe, surf, swim, relax, or just like to picknic with your family, friend or with your relative. But, the beach doesn't only have to be about R&R, it can be much more fun if you try some of these activities while there. There are many things to do in beach which one is match with your hobby, We guest like that or you still don't know where beach to go you can read this for your refference .

What Things to do in beach

Build a Sandcastle

Things to Do in The Beach That Will Make You Fun (Part 1) sand castle
Sand Castle Builder ( pict : google )
Sandcastles and sand sculptures can be simple or elaborate, but all are so much fun to build! No special tools are really needed — just sand, water, and your hands will do. Although, simple cups and pails are helpful tools in carrying sand and water and helping to shape your creation. Build a deep moat around your castle when it's done to protect it from rising tides that made melt it away.

Collect Seashells
Things to Do in The Beach That Will Make You Fun (Part 1) - seashell

You can find shells on just about any beach. And, while this activity sounds like a no-brainer, there are some things to keep in mind. You will need a container to collect your shells. This can be a pail, cup or bag. Only collect "dead" shells — shells that have no animal inside. It is illegal on many Florida beaches to collect live shells. 

Enjoy a Picnic
Things to Do in The Beach That Will Make You Fun (Part 1) - Picnic
Picnic time! ( pict :google)

Many beaches have food concessions, but that can be quite expensive and not very satisfying. So, why not pack a nice picnic? Cheese and crackers, sandwiches or fried chicken are favorites; and, when paired with a salad or fresh fruit, it is much healthier and often less expensive. Plus, once your stuff is already set up on the beach, it's much easier, and safer to eat where you're parked instead of leaving your stuff unaccompanied. 

Free things to do in beach with kids

Play a Game
Things to Do in The Beach That Will Make You Fun (Part 1) - Play a game
Play many games with your friends ( pict : google)

Playing game not usualy gaming like Mobile Legend, Arena of Valor or Hago. Many things to do in the beach like Bring a hula hoop and see who can keep it going the longest. Draw lines in the sand for a game of Tic-Tac-Toe, using several of two different kinds of shells for the markers; play hangman in the sand; or, bring along a deck of cards or the most li. Bring portable games like ladder ball, and corn toss and enjoy a tournament, too.

Hunting Pictures
Things to Do in The Beach That Will Make You Fun (Part 1) - hunting pictures
Hunt a picture with camera

Capturing Photo in every moment it's something never to be missed. This is must do activity exactly for Photographer with DSLR camera full tools. You can ask your friend to get best shot with good angle.

Fun things to do in beach  

Watch the Sunset

Things to Do in The Beach That Will Make You Fun (Part 1) -Sunset
A sunset scene in beach ( pict : google)

This is classic activities things to do every years. Best of all... the sunsets and celebrations are free! Of course, if you're not near a Sunset Celebration you can just make your own by enjoying the beautiful evening with family and friends.

Do a Volley Ball
Things to Do in The Beach That Will Make You Fun (Part 1) Volley Ball
Do A Volley Ball ( pict : google)

If you came to the beach with many group of friend, don't forget to bring a volley ball. Surely it's one of thing to do that never going boring exactly when one of your friend do a mistake like a basic movement that they still confused to do, 

Oke Jalpeders... This is about the part 1 of thing to do in beach make sure you stay turn for our article in the next. bye bye

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