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7 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Texas 2018 Texas
Texas is the one of the must-visit and top-rated tourist attractions in USA 

These 7 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Texas 2018-  Texas is the second large state in US. The Capital City is Austin. In Caddo Language Texas well known by Tejas that mean was friend. Texas has other name aka "Lone Star Nation" for mark as freedom republic from Mexico. 

The location is very strategic and many diversities of landscape, mountain, cave, and gulf as long as Mexico's gulfs. The Most visited place for tourist attractions is like a Natural Bridge Cavern, The Texas State Capitol in Austin, Big Bend National Park and many more for Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Texas. So we will reporting to you for this chance about texas destination for tourist attraction.

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1. Natural Bridge Cavern
One of the Texas Destination is the Cavern, Natural Bridge Cavern. The limestone is the most structures of this cavern. You can find this cavern near the the city of San Antonio, Texas in the Texas Hill Country next to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, a drive-through wildlife safari park. 
7 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Texas 2018 Cavern of Texas
Natural Bridge Cavern View

Bridge Caverns includes highlights such as the 40-foot-high King's Throne, a massive wall of stalactites found in one of the largest caverns, the Castle of the White Giants. Taking its name from the huge 60-foot limestone bridge spanning its entrance, Natural Bridge Caverns also offers a number of other fun activities, including themed tours (try the excellent lantern tour for a real thrill), as well as a treetop climbing adventure across a sprawling network of ropeways, platforms, and zip lines. You must come here for the best tourist attractions.

2. The Alamo
The Alamo history although originally a Spanish mission era church (1755-1793), the building has become the most recognizable structureon the grounds. While some traces of its role in the epic 1836 Battle of the Alamo still exist, changes to the structure reflect its later role as a U.S. Army Quartermaster Depot warehouse and eventually a memorial to Alamo defender.
7 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Texas 2018 The Historical Buidling of Alamo
The Alamo Building

It became famous before became tourist attractions is during the Texan War of Independence after a small force barricaded themselves in against an overwhelmingly superior Mexican army some 3,000 strong. While the defeat saw all 187 defenders killed - including such famous names as Davy Crockett - the cry of "Remember the Alamo!" rallied the state to eventually overcome the Mexicans. Today, more than two-and-a-half million people visit this landmark annually to see its restored mission buildings and the cenotaph commemorating the fallen Texans.

3. Big Bend National Park
The next tourist attractions is Big Bend National Park, it is in southwest Texas and includes the entire Chisos mountain range and a large swath of the Chihuahuan Desert. The Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive leads to the ruins of Sam Nail Ranch, now home to desert wildlife. The Santa Elena Canyon, carved by the Rio Grande, features steep limestone cliffs. Langford Hot Springs, near the Mexican border, has pictographs and the foundations of an old bathhouse.
7 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Texas 2018 Big Bend National Park of Texas
Big Bend National Park
Lying at altitudes of between 1,870 feet and 7,875 feet, it's made up of three different zones: the valley of the Rio Grande, the desolate landscape of the Chihuahuan Desert, and the Chisos Mountains. It's thanks to this diversity that the park is home to more than 400 species of birds, including golden eagles and roadrunners, along with more than 1,100 species of plants. The park boasts 240 miles of hiking trails, ranging from the five-mile-long Lost Mine Trail with its beautiful views to the 17-mile-long Window Trail through the Chisos Mountains (longer hikes are available, but should be done with an experienced guide).

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4. San Antonio's Spectacular River Walk
Next of these Texas destination is The San Antonio River Walk is a city park and network of walkways along the banks of the San Antonio River, one story beneath the streets of San Antonio, Texas, United States.
7 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Texas 2018 River Walk
San Antonio's Spectacular River Walk

5. Guadalupe Mountains National Park
Guadalupe Mountains National Park is in the vast Chihuahuan Desert of western Texas. It’s known for its bright-white Salt Basin Dunes, wildlife-rich grassland and fossilized reef mountains. The Guadalupe Peak Trail weaves up through a conifer forest to the state’s highest summit, with views of the rocky El Capitan peak to the south. In the north, the McKittrick Canyon Trail is known for its colorful fall foliage.
7 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Texas 2018 Guadalupe Park
Guadalupe Mountains National Park

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6. The Texas State Capitol in Austin
The Texas State Capitol is the capitol building and seat of government of the American state of Texas. Located in downtown Austin, Texas, the structure houses the offices and chambers of the Texas Legislature and of the Governor of Texas. Now you can mark this for your holiday destination list. 
7 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Texas 2018 State Capitol in Austin
The Texas State Capitol in Austin

7. Zilker Metropolitan Park
Park is always match with our budget to attraction with our relative. This is the next tourist attractions is Zilker Metropolitan Park is considered "Austin's most-loved park." This 351-acre metropolitan park is home to a variety of recreation opportunities, facilities and special events for individuals and families.
7 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Texas 2018 Zilker
Zilker Metropolitan Park

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Oke Jalpeders... That's all about Texas, we hope it will make your day happy with our information. 

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